Merry Christmas! My Christmas Day Decision

Source: Merry Christmas! My Christmas Day Decision


Merry Christmas! My Christmas Day Decision

Today is December 25, 2015.  Yes, this is Christmas Day, 2015. But you already know the year, I told you so.

Earlier today I was reflecting on something that I read several years ago. It was on a Christmas Day that a man decided that he was only going to eat raw foods for the rest of his life. He was cracking nuts with his family that particular Christmas and since he was very interested in health and was already eating a vegan diet with a preference for raw foods, he decided to make a personal commitment to only eat raw plant foods.

Well, I had planned today, after my husband went to his job, and after we opened our presents and ate our Christmas meal to work on my online job. Well, I had no work. I really wanted to work today, told anyone who cared, and some who did not care, that I planned on working on Christmas. It is quiet at my house right now I was hoping to get several hours logged on my online job. And no, I don’t even get time and a half for holidays!

Anyway, there was no work to be had. So….. I think I like the man mentioned above, I too made a life changing decision this particular Christmas Day. No, a diet consisting of only raw vegan food is not for me (yes, I did try it!). Rather I bought, spent $9.99 (and no, this was not Christmas money since I did not get any Christmas money) on Amazon¬† for an e-book called The BootstrapVA. My personal Christmas decision is to become a VA. For those who don’t know what a VA is, it is a virtual assistant. You need something done for your business and you don’t want to do it? You call a VA, preferably¬† rather you call (or e-mail or Skye or PM) me.

Now this is a HUGE step for me. I am a very very private person. I also today got an account with Facebook, even with my real name. Gasp! I must get over my intense dislike of all things social media. Everyone in the world, at least the computer world, is on some sort of social media. I was going to go on Facebook under an assumed name, but that did not seem honest and no one wants to hire a dishonest VA, so here I am world! You can check me out at Mary Jane Humes. At the time of this writing, (Christmas Day 2015) I don’t even have a picture of myself on FB. Perhaps by the time you will read this, I will be brave enough to post a picture of me, my real self, I may not even wear makeup in my FB photo (then again, if my husband has anything to do with my picture and I am not good a selfies, I most likely will use a bit of makeup).

So best wishes to me. I know that I have much to offer my potential clients and I hope that some of you reading this blog post will become my clients and perhaps even friends.

Merry Christmas and may all of your personal Christmas decisions be profitable to you.

Mary Jane